Tax Administration and Planning

We are qualified and registered professional tax specialists (SAIPA: Centre of Tax Excellence) who deliver tax services that cover all aspects of tax related matters.

We supply basic tax services like completion and submission of returns up to high level specialized tax consulting, planning and structuring. Our staff is professional and tax literate and we always attempt to assist our clients in a manner that is cost efficient yet professional.

Our basic tax services include:

Calculation, completion and submission of:

  • EMP201

  • VAT201

  • IT12 (Individual income tax return)

  • ITR12T (Organization income tax return – trusts)

  • ITR12IE (Organization income tax return – non-profit companies)

  • ITR14′s (Organization income tax return)

  • Dividend withholding tax return

  • Notice of objections

  • Tax clearance applications

  • Applications for waiving of penalties

Completion and submission of the following registration forms:

  • ITC77/IT77/RAV001 (Income tax registration)

  • EMP101 (PAYE, UIF & SDL registration)

  • VAT101 (VAT registrations, including VAT interview on behalf of client)

  • DA185 and related forms (Import/Export registration)

  • Tax exemption and section 18A application for non-profit companies

More specialized services include:

  • Completion and submission of Notice of Appeals

  • Application for binding private and class tax rulings

  • Follow up and resolution of tax queries with SARS

  • Consultation on tax saving mechanisms

  • Investigation of and response to SARS audit finding letters


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